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Marcos Costa grew up with the distinct sounds of Ilê Aiyê, Brazil's first African-Brazilian carnaval band flooding the streets of his historic neighborhood, Liberdade in Salvador, Brazil. Marcos Costa made his own musical debut at the age of 15 and has been making waves ever since. 


Currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Marcos Costa's career spans continents and festivals including Festival Internacional de Tambores in Brasília, Brazil, and Festival Massa in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. In 2011 he won first prize in the 37th Ilê Aiyê Festival of Black Music with the song, “Curuzú Nation.”


Combining signature lyrics with Afro-samba, rock, & funk grooves, Marcos Costa's work shines as both a solo artist and an integral member of Ilê Aiyê, and he is recognized for his unique ability to infuse his music with deep soul and an unmistakable trademark style. 

Click the clips below or check out some of his solo work here.

marcos costa


Quioiô - M. Costa, R. Souza, & N. Neto
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instrumento de paz


negrume da noite live

with Ilê Aiyê









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